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Illation, a Pivotal company, have identified key focus areas where we are able to add value for our customers with analytics – by optimising our customers’ recording solutions as well as provide analytics expertise for extracting the valuable information contained in those recordings.

After all, these recordings are the largest source of data as they are the voice of the customer.  Having a clear understanding of customer trends and interactions will help to drive the customer experience and turn interactions into key actionable business decisions.

We also add value with cloud solutions that allow our customers to focus on core competencies with peace of mind that mission critical solutions are reliable, redundant and supported by experts.

With Illation’s extensive industry experience, we are able to assist our customers

  • with improving operational efficiency and key performance metrics
  • drive customer loyalty through enhanced customer experience
  • increase revenue
  • gain insight for quality management improvements
  • help guide agents to be more effective

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