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We help you deploy business communications solutions to drive customer confidence, employee satisfaction and business growth.

about us

Our Story

At illation (now Connect SA), we specialise in contact centre technology that drives business communications. Our services and solutions revolve around helping your business grow customer confidence.
This is done on a twofold basis. Firstly, we work in enhancing the technology you use within your customer service environment, helping you stay connected to your customers in a way that best serves them. Secondly, we also assist in helping your business stay connected internally. Because when your business is connected and everyone is working towards a shared goal, your customers will reap the benefits.

For us, improving communication and operations within your business is the goal. We help you reach this goal in various ways:

  • Our strategic partnerships with top global technology providers
  • An ongoing consultative approach whereby we assess your business needs and apply technology strategically according to the requirements identified within your company
  • True dedication to excellence in staying on top of latest trends to ensure your business is futureproof and resilient

We provide communications solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud. This includes telephony, but our offering spans much further. We help you stay connected to your customers and monitor satisfaction rates. We also help your team to work better together, offering solutions to enhance the internal operations within your company.
Your communications fundamentally affect your business’ effectiveness. Applying the best technology possible to facilitate effective communication removes the margin for errors resulting from miscommunication, or lack of effective engagements. It ensures transparency to your customers and team members.

How Can We Help You?

As a company, our values centre around one core goal – we want to drive value for our customers. We want to deliver solutions that make a difference in the way our customers do business, with future growth and sustainable technological environments at the core of that.

It’s no secret that global events drove technology forward by leaps and bounds in recent years. More specifically, the way we use technology to work and communicate has evolved drastically. Not only that, but the way customers communicate with businesses has changed.

More than just staying relevant, we seek to help businesses excel in the dynamic environment of business communications, even when volatile circumstances create new obstacles and challenges.

Partner with illation and let us help you with your business communications, so you can focus on excelling in growing customer confidence and employee satisfaction!

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