AI Analytics

Knowledge is power. Do you have knowledge?

AI analytics has become an integral part of enhancing the customer experience. Modern AI technology is developed to process data in innovative ways that save time and resources. Processes that used to take up considerable time and effort are now becoming virtually automated.

How Can AI Improve Customer Experience?

AI analytics uses advanced processing functionality to deliver accurate information regarding how customers interact with your business. This information serves a vital role in allowing you to understand what customers expect and points out common pitfalls in your customer experience.

A better understanding of customer requirements assists in delivering a tailored customer experience and ensures positive interactions. Better, more positive customer interactions assist in building a satisfied customer base that possesses a strong sense of confidence in your brand and business.

What Are the Benefits of AI Analytics?

Identify key problem areas and common complaints in the customer journey

Recognise the most effective approaches in handling customer interactions and resolving complaints

Save time, money and resources through advanced data processing capabilities

Monitor every available channel to ensure for a comprehensive overview of customer requirements

Our AI Analytics Solutions

Illation provides top-class analytics solutions for a variety of applications, allowing you the ability to collect valuable information across the whole customer journey. Our solutions cater for the following:

  • Speech-to-text automated transcription
  • Workforce engagement management (WEM)
  • Omnichannel analytics support across voice, social media, email etc.

We partner with leading analytics firms to bring solutions that can cater to every requirement. Some of our top AI analytics solutions include Verint Monet, Callbi speech analytics, NICE and Genii analytics.