Contact Centre & Telephony

Better communication drives increased growth.

Communication lies at the heart of business operations. It’s at the essence of spreading ideas and gaining understanding. Effective communication is crucial to ensure your company runs smoothly – both internally among employees and externally between employees and customers. The implementation of modern contact centre and telephony technology is the first step in building the effective communication you require for enhanced business functionality.

The Future of Communication Is in The Cloud

At illation, there’s no requirement too big or small. From large enterprise-level contact centres, to local IPPBX solutions, we offer communication solutions based on individual business requirements.

Harness the power of cloud solutions and create an experience that’s easily accessible, flexible, mobile and effective.


Manage extensions and agents easily at any time. In the cloud, solutions are highly scalable, allowing for the number of extensions to change according to current requirements. New agents can easily be added to rapidly growing contact centres and even temporary staff members can enjoy access to full UCC capabilities when using cloud-based solutions.


All aspects of a cloud-based solution are dynamic based on requirements. Not only can extensions be easily managed, staff and agents have the ability to stay connected while working from anywhere across different devices. Better yet, despite all the benefits, voice quality is nothing short of pristine!


Easily manage business communications without the need for physical equipment, in-house technicians and the hassle of upkeep for physical infrastructure. Manage your communications easily and dynamically at a fraction of the cost of implementing an on-site solution.

Back Office Simplified

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unified communications

Unified Communications

Advanced Contact Centre Features

Get all the features to make your contact centre experience unbeatable. Ensure agents have access to powerful features that improve contact centre performance.

Skills-based Routing

Ensure queries are handled effectively by assigning tickets based on agent capabilities. Create a confident team of support agents through harnessing their best skills with tickets selected based on past performance. Improve customer satisfaction while simultaneously boosting employee productivity.

Voice and Screen Recording

Keep a record of support queries through recording interaction between agents and customers. Call and screen recording is the first step to improving customer support through improved monitoring. Stay one step ahead at all times and let customers know you care about the quality of service they receive.

Coaching and Monitoring

Train and support agents live while handling support tickets. Coaching and monitoring capabilities allow direct interaction between agents and mentors in real time. Providing coaching support ensures even novice agents are confident in handling queries and have access to managers and mentors when necessary.

omnichannel contact centre

Omnichannel Support

Customer expectations are higher than ever before. Go the extra mile to support your customers wherever they are with a fully integrated omnichannel experience. Empower your agents to easily and efficiently support customers on any platform, whether it be voice, email or social media or anywhere else.

Our Contact Centre & Telephony Solutions

Whether you’re looking to power an entreprise-level contact centre, or simply setup a flexible back office solution, illation can be your partner in better business communication.