CRM & Ticketing

Manage customer relationships simply and effectively.

Managing customer interactions is the cornerstone of providing stellar service and creating a customer experience that builds trust, loyalty and positive sentiment. CRM and ticketing solutions are built to help you manage communications in a timely fashion, while ensuring customer messages across various platforms are all attended to.

Unleash the power of omnichannel support with leading solutions from illation. Track customer interactions and provide personalised service to every customer, every time.

The Power of Ominchannel

Through the power of omnichannel, you don’t need to limit your customer interactions to a single platform. Modern consumers expect to contact you and receive support on any platform – whether it be social media, email, voice or via web chat. If your business is available on a channel, customers will be reaching out to you and demanding support.

Live up to customer expectations via an effective communications system and integrate all queries via a single helpdesk – a powerful tool allowing agents to track customer interactions efficiently.

With the power of an omnichannel support solution, you can rest easy knowing every customer interaction is processed and assigned to a support agent for prompt resolution.

A better understanding of customer requirements assists in delivering a tailored customer experience and ensures positive interactions. Better, more positive customer interactions assist in building a satisfied customer base that possesses a strong sense of confidence in your brand and business.

The Benefits of CRM & Ticketing Systems


Enhanced Agent Support and Workflow

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Unbeatable Customer Service

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Insightful Analytics

Unleash Advanced Features

Through making use of effective CRM and ticketing software, you can unleash the benefits of advanced features in your customer service strategy.

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Remote Work Capabilities

Now more than ever, allowing remote work capabilities offers great benefits. Keep your contact centre agents operational, regardless of where they are, with cloud-based support. The use of a cloud-based, omnichannel platform ensures agents can work from anywhere by accessing software via their desktops or mobile devices.

Making Omnichannel Simple

Get tickets from every possible channel. Whether it be voice, social media, email or instant messengers, tickets will be collected from every platform into a single interface and assigned to available agents.

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Know Your Customers

Keep track of every customer interaction to monitor history and offer service with a personal touch. Every time a customer reaches out to your contact centre, agents will have access to a comprehensive background of the individual customer and their support history and inquiries.

Streamline Support with Self-Service Options

Customers prefer the easiest support channels available. Allowing customers to get answers to common questions through self-service options assists in better resource management. Avoiding unnecessary queries to the contact centre, all while offering customers easier access to the information they require.


Our CRM & Ticketing Solutions

Illation is a proud provider of Zendesk — one of the top CX management platforms available on the global market. As a key Zendesk partner, the largest partner-managed customer on the platform is currently an illation customer.