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Here Comes the Holiday Boom: Can You Keep Up?

‘Tis the season! Time for family, friends, celebration and leisure. However, while most people are unwinding and slowing down for the year, consumer industries like retail, tourism and hospitality are at an annual peak. If you’re working in any of the aforementioned industries, chances are you’re picking up the pace, not slowing down.

The rush may be fun for most, but you may find it quite taxing. After all, with all the last-minute shopping – there’s sure to be many exchanges of goods. Not only retail, but hospitality is also likely to see a surge in rescheduling of holidays. As the 4th wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping through, many holiday-goers may fall ill and try to reschedule their accommodation arrangements for later. Are you able to efficiently reschedule your guests’ stays with you, all while easily rebooking the spaces that have opened up with last-minute bookings?

To manage the holiday boom, you need an efficient system that helps you deal with the exchanges, rebookings and influx of customer service requests.

Handling e-commerce customers can add an extra layer of complexity to the situation. If you’re running an ecommerce business – exchanges mean you have to arrange collection of exchanged goods and deliver new items. Everything from customer communication to logistics can become an out-of-control headache to deal with.

Have you been keeping up with the holiday boom? Are your systems efficient in dealing with the heightened demand for customer service? If not, contact illation and we’ll help you implement a solution that will lighten the load so you won’t need to experience overwhelm when next year’s boom comes around.

How illation Can Help

At illation, we specialise in making customer engagements easy. We offer a full suite of products and solutions to help you deal with every aspect customer engagements, all without the need to drastically expand your customer service team.

For instance, you can lighten the load by offering your customers more self-service options, such as chatbots and knowledge bases. You can offer your specialised AI chatbots over a variety of your customers’ favourite channels like WhatsApp or webchat.

Furthermore, you can ease the boom by automating various points of customer interaction. Automatically send customers vital communication, such as order confirmations with estimated delivery times. For hospitality, send customers booking confirmations with check-in times and GPS co-ordinates.

Help your hospitality team keep track of every aspect of your customers’ stay with you. With a robust planning and management tool such as, you can get an easy view on accommodation that’s booked vs available. Also make scheduling employees such as cleaning, kitchen and reception staff easier and get a comprehensive view of all your business operations.

Automation and self-service are two easy ways to improve customer service without the need to drastically expand your team. However, these are just the tip of the mountain. The use of digital solutions to enhance real-world experiences are much broader than that.

So, if you find that the boom has you swamped this year, talk to illation about how to optimise your business for dealing with customer service requests next year. Our solutions don’t only cater to customers, they empower employees with the right tools to assist your customers efficiently. Every staff member, from back-office to finance and logistics, will have an optimal view to serve your customers seamlessly.

Whether you’re running a small business such as an eCommerce store, or you’re a nation-wide outlet with various locations, illation offers tailormade solutions that can adjust to any scale and across various applications.

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