Networking & Monitoring

Driving the systems that support your CX solutions.

Your customer experience channels can only be as good as the network they’re traversing. Proper networking ensures your company is always readily available whenever customers need you. Good connection quality facilitates easy conversations with your customers for interactions that feel natural and conversational.

There’s simply no use in deploying cutting edge communications technologies if you don’t have proper systems in place to support them. Through illation’s advanced networking and monitoring solutions, you can stay one step ahead at all times, keeping your business connected!

What We Offer

LAN & WAN Networks

Ensure your local environment is functional and effective while also ensuring you stay connected.

LAN and WAN networking provides your business with connectivity among devices in your own network and from your network to external networks.

VPN & Remote Connectivity

Secure remote connectivity is imperative in the implementation of remote working solutions.

The latest work-from-home revolution (enforced mainly by the COVID-19 pandemic) is pushing businesses to stay, not only relevant, but operational through this new innovation.


Maintain constant quality and security in your telecommunications networks through call monitoring.

Call monitoring allows for faster detection and resolution of faults. In so doing, you can stay one step ahead, improving up times and gaining meaningful insights through performance statistics.

Our Networking & Monitoring Partners

We partner with leading brands that offer the best in innovation, quality and reliability to bring you solutions that keep your business fully connected at all times.