Operational Workflows

Improve the way your team works together. Enhance service delivery to your customers. Ensure internal business communications are seamless.

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Team communication at scale

Align all departments to work together at greater efficiency. Customizable platforms to fit the needs of any team within your organisation. Collaborate effortlessly with all stakeholders by centralising everything you do in one place. Save money with one end-to-end solution that integrates seamlessly with all your favourite tools. Streamline the most complex cross-functional processes. Automate repetitive, manual work as you grow and empower your teams to focus on the work that matters.

Enterprise-exclusive features like ownership over data, user permissions and granular audit logs exceed the highest security standards without compromising user experience.

Marketing and creativity made simple

Get the visibility you need to monitor all of your ongoing campaigns so you can make strategic decisions about your company’s goals. Automate your campaign planning to keep everyone aligned Keep workflows running efficiently with automations, so you can notify the team of top-performing keywords, campaign deadlines and final approvals. Make sure all the relevant information passes effortlessly from campaign managers to copywriters and designers with forms, annotations and versioning. Store all of your digital assets in one place so everyone can access, update and share them easily.

From basic projects to complex portfolio management

Organise and plan projects from start to finish with illation’s tools to drive impact and reach your goals faster. From one place, manage multiple projects, create custom dashboards, assign teammates and understand bottlenecks and risks so you can keep moving forward. We can help you streamline your projects to deliver your best work. Illation’s solutions can save you valuable time by automating approvals and tasks. Forms can be customised to instantly create items on boards, so you can easily keep track of everything.

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Operational WorkFlows

From complex on-premises call centres to the latest cloud contact centres, we offer solutions across a wide range of vendors, giving clients total flexibility and all the tools and add-ons you need. We can offer support for single or specialist solutions, or a fully managed environment – and guide you through the transition to a new technology platform.

Operational flow
full veiw of workflows.

Full View of Workflows

It can be hard to manage work and keep track of everything that’s happening in your organisation. We offer you a solution to help you focus on getting work done, without the need to keep everyone in the loop through numerous emails and catchup meetings. Enhance accountability at a glance, with a full view of tasks performed, accountable team members and project updates.

Make Work Easier. Improve Productivity

With a centralised dashboard to manage work, your team can take advantage of working smartly. With various automations and integrations, your team can stay on top of everything that’s happening and setup dashboards to simplify work processes. By using automation features, teams can streamline repetitive work tasks so they can focus on doing the work that matters most.

make work easier
Work OS - connect teams of any size

Connect Teams of Any Size

Whether you’re an SMB 20, 50 or 200 employees, or a large enterprise with over 1000 workers, you can connect your team and enhance the way they work together. Break down communication silos in the workplace by allowing your team to easily stay on top of work. Ensure that every team member always stays in the loop and that workflows are made easier.

Keep track of important information and store relevant data, documents, updates and more in one place. Easily control access to different dashboards so you can be sure the correct people can view workflows, while also granting you the ability to restrict access to confidential workflows.

Any Industry. Any Company. Any Team

Regardless of whether you want a solution for your Finance, HR, IT or Marketing and Sales teams, one solution can cover all your workflow needs. Manage each team with customised dashboards that are specifically fit-for-purpose depending on what team within your ornganisation is using them. Give HR a solution specifically designed for their requirements, and then do the same for every other team within your company as well.

Eventually, all your teams manage workflows using the same solution, which helps to connect different departments of your organisation and facilitates collaboration between them.

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