Productivity & Automation

Be smarter about how you run your business and reach for new heights.

The use of productivity and automation solutions offers many benefits. Among the most apparent advantages, is that of better turnaround times and workflow. However, the use of even the most simple productivity and automation software can have ripple effects that extend much further. Specifically, the use of technology means that automated software can run certain operations without the need for anyone to specifically track them. This doesn’t only free up human resources for tasks that can’t be automated, but also largely reduces the margin for human error.

What Productivity and Automation Solutions Can Do for You

Reliable Project Management

Get one workspace that allows for simple collaboration among different team members and better project tracking. Solutions can be tailored to fit specific requirements within different industries, allowing for optimal efficiency in any work environment. Lead digital transformation and discover an improved way to monitor workflows, create automations and improve overall productivity.

Effortless Integrations

Use specialised APIs that allow for effortless integration of various applications. With top-class solutions from illation, integrations can be achieved without the need for coding, ensuring better turnaround times and less demand on human resources. With over 200 pre-built connectors supporting major applications such as Zendesk, WhatsApp, Sage and more, setting up an efficient environment couldn’t be easier.

Our Productivity & Automation Solutions

Discover new ways to automate and facilitate tasks through innovate technologies that keep your company operating effortlessly. Improve efficiency and maximise your team’s abilities.

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