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project management

The new model of contact centre engagements

illation’s Project Management Methodology is built on the fundamentals of the PMBOK, which is a guide that collects the processes, best practices, terminologies and guidelines that are the accepted norm in the industry.

It breaks down a project into the Five Process Groups:

At illation, we structure our projects based on these process groups and we incorporate the Knowledge Areas to deliver successful projects. By applying these principles, illation can deliver quality projects that are
within scope, on time and within budget.

As all projects are different in nature and requirements change, we offer a hybrid Methodology that incorporates traditional Waterfall methods with Agile methods. This makes our Methodology structured, yet adaptable to our clients’ needs.

The Ten Knowledge Areas

The Ever-changing Project Environment

As the IPMM is a hybrid methodology, Change Management throughout all phases and processes of a project is the last pillar and the most important process of the IPMM.

Change is inevitable and client’s requirements as well as processes need to be correctly managed. Change Management Processes are put into place to ensure that changes in Scope, Time and Cost as well as downtimes are significantly mitigated and managed effectively. Change Approval Boards allow changes on the project depending on the size of the project and Change Logs and Registers are kept to validate changes on the project. The IPMM embraces change on the project and ensures that change is managed by using various tools and techniques.

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