AI Analytics

AI Analytics

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AI Analytics

We all want satisfied customers and in order to continue to improve our customers’ experiences we need to fully understand how and why they interact with us.  Without the right tools that are purpose-built to intelligently analyse customer interactions across all channels, this understanding is impossible.

A proper analysis across all interaction channels must include

  • Understanding what your customers want to do, what makes them happy and unhappy and how your agents are interacting with customer
  • Understanding how to convert each customer interaction into a positive, engaging and satisfying experience for the customer
  • Understanding how to effectively identify when things go wrong and what works to correct them

To accomplish the ultimate goal of having satisfied customers efficiently requires AI analytics.  Let’s face it.  As digital channels become the primary method of customer interactions, when a customer calls the contact centre the reason is usually for something that could not be resolved through self-service options.  With AI speech analytics, agents are better equipped, in situations which are typically emotionally charged and/or complex, to assist the customer and reach the goal of customer satisfaction.

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