Voice Authentication

Voice Authentication

The human voice – as unique as a fingerprint.  Voice Biometrics – a game changer.


A voice print is as unique as a fingerprint.  By using active and passive voice authentication you not only improve customer experiences but also improve security, reduce instances of fraud and confirm customer identify.

Every voice has a set of unique vocal characteristics.  These include pitch, speed, accent and dialect.  Voice authentication is the only practical means of authenticating a speaker over a remote channel.  Voice authentication verifies an individual’s identify which is not the same as speech recognition.  It is the only biometric that measures both physical and behavioural characteristics through a person’s voice.

In order for Voice biometrics to be a success, it is critical to establish that a speaker’s claimed identity is actually their true identify before their voice is enrolled.  This is what as known as the ‘ground truth’.  Illation have significant knowledge and experience in this area.

Methods of authentication include both active and passive.

Benefits of active authentication:

  • Improves operational efficiencies and boosts customer satisfaction.
  • Limits fraudulent behaviour in the contact centre via authentication in the queue.
  • Provides a robust, automated proof-of-life or certificate of existence services.
  • Supports voice log-ins to infrequently used sites.
  • Enables automated voice authenticated password resets.
  • Enables financial transactions such as Card Not Present, confirmation of transactions or lost/stolen card notifications, among others.

Benefits of passive authentication:

  • Enables quicker transactions and a frictionless experience.
  • Adds an additional layer to the contact centre’s fraud prevention and security capabilities.
  • Improves authentication success rates to 85%, compared to just 65% with knowledge-based authentication.
  • Significantly reduces average handling time (AHT) by between 30-70 seconds to improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing AHT by shifting from manual to passive customer authentication also reduces operating costs. A contact centre that handles 500 000 calls per month can realise savings of over R1 000 000 by reducing calls by 45 seconds.
  • Enhances first-call resolution capabilities.

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