Unified Communications

Simple unified communications for a more connected business.

UC challenges


Although it was already happening – the pandemic has forced more and more organisations to rethink their contact centre strategy, moving away from on-premise solutions to the cloud, or Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) delivery model. With it being more flexible, more scalable and more rapidly deployable in this world of work from anywhere, it’s logical.

Understanding the user experience

As experts in managed services, we understand first-hand the challenges of monitoring multiple applications with multiple tools. In addition, we have developed flexible dashboards to give our customer support specialists the insight they need to ensure that our clients’ digital experiences are of the highest quality possible. As a result, we have deployed monitoring solutions for cloud applications that provide the visibility many organisations have come to expect.

The new model of UC engagements

As a result of years of gradual adoption, teams collaboration, video conferencing and unified communications (UC) have collided. We’re all used to video calls and chat now. IT teams are very aware that the pandemic has massively exposed traditional on-premise solutions’ faults behind the scenes. Cloud technology may seem to be the solution to work-anywhere, but many standalone solutions are merely quick fixes for home working, instead of being designed for a new hybrid working landscape.

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Unified Communications

Our cloud-based UC solution makes interaction, connection and collaboration simpler, while simultaneously improving employee productivity and engagement.

unified communications
low-cost, high func fin

Low-cost, High Functionality

Our unified communications offers benefits such as group chat, file sharing, screen-sharing, emojis, collaboration and multi-party video communications.

Plus, drastically reduce your business communication costs by converting enterprise telecommunications from a financial resource-intensive CAPEX model to a full OPEX model.

Scalable, on-Demand Availability

Pay for what you use, only when you use it. It’s as easy as that! Our fully on-demand UC solution allows you the convenience of adding and removing users and licenses whenever you need to. Whether you manage temporary staff members, or simply want to experiment and see which of your team members can benefit most from using a UC platform, you have a commitment-free contact 

scalable, on-demand availability
work from home

Work From Home Made Easy

Enhance your business operational efficiency with a solution that’s available anywhere your employees go. Ensure your employees are easy to contact, even if they travel for business often, or work from home.

Despite this improved flexibility, you still get to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits our UC solution offers, such as free calls from one extension in your company to another.

Operational Workflows

Streamline your work for maximum productivity by centralising all your work, processes, tools and files into one universal Work Operating System. Connect teams, bridge silos and maintain one source of truth across your organisation. Bring teams together to drive business impact. Collaborate effectively organisation-wide to get a clear picture of all your work. Stay in the loop with easy-to-use automations and real-time notifications.

operational workflows

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