CLI Manager/CLI Randomiser

Introducing CLI Manager: The Future of Outbound Success

illation has been involved in some exciting niche projects recently. In so doing, we’re aiming to bring new products to the market that will increase your business productivity and decrease costs. These projects tie into our broader goal of facilitating business-driven digital transformation solutions.

Many companies struggle to navigate customer profiles and lack actionable insights into their customers. We strive to improve customer insight and understanding through one single, easy-to-use interface, measurable SLAs and process/workflow automation.

Serviceability is key to us. That’s why we ensure that our solutions are product-agnostic and our turnaround times are prompt.

We proudly bring to you our newest project, CLI Manager, which is an in-house solution we’ve co-developed with BullTech. CLI Manager is a powerful tool that collects data from each outbound customer engagement. This data is then directly applied to ensure better answer rates on outbound calls.

CLI Manager enables our customers full control to select CLIs based on real data. With CLI Manager, custom rules can be built to achieve the following:

  • Automated process to make CLI changes per call/day/week/month/holiday/customer or for any given period.
  • Switching to top performing CLIs during designated time slots.
  • Intelligent CLI changes based on the performance of historical CLI data (e.g. answers, voicemail)
  • Empower dialler teams to make the right decision at the right time for collections or sales processes.
  • Richer reporting functions aligning CLIs to RPC (Right Party Contact) and custom-defined variables by customers.
  • Customers empowered to align CLIs to Business Rules within their organization.
  • Improve call context information and personalization for customer profiles (Dialler Appended Data).

Best of all, our CLI Manager is available to customers both locally in South Africa, as well as internationally. To learn more about CLI Manager, please fill out this form and we’ll send you additional information.

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