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The new model of contact centre engagements

Although it was already happening – the pandemic has forced more and more organisations to rethink their contact centre strategy, moving away from on-premise solutions to the cloud, or Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) delivery model. With it being more flexible, more scalable and more rapidly deployable in this world of work from anywhere, it’s logical.

Art of the possible

The way customers communicate, the channels they use and how often they do it are constantly evolving. You must adopt an omnichannel customer service strategy if you want to keep your business moving forward. This isn’t something you can accomplish overnight, however. An omnichannel strategy might seem overwhelming. You may not know how to start, how to roll out additional channels, how to staff those channels, or how admins can keep up with it all. We can assist in deploying and managing the technology that will make omnichannel possible for your business.

Benefits from our experience

Our digital consultants and technical experts have implemented cloud solutions from multiple providers and we’ve replaced on-premises platforms with cloud capabilities. If on-premises is your strategy, we have you covered with years of experience with traditional solutions residing in your data centre. Our experience has enabled us to have a rich understanding of the technologies and their limitations and we have also been able to help clients find and integrate the important add-ons they need for advanced applications and/or integrations.

Complete customer service solution

Customer service is not just about your customers. It’s about your business and your teams, too. illation’s solutions not only make things easy on your customers, but also set your teams up for success, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Offer support in ways that are convenient for your customers, so it’s simple for them to get the answers they need. Personalise the experience for each customer, even as you scale. Use automation and AI-powered bots to get the context so that customers never have to repeat themselves.

Learn how to grow your customer confidence

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Customer Experience

From complex on-premises call centres to the latest cloud contact centres, we offer solutions across a wide range of vendors, giving clients total flexibility and all the tools and add-ons you need. We can offer support for single or specialist solutions, or a fully managed environment – and guide you through the transition to a new technology platform.

Customer experience


Be omnichannel, not multichannel in your customer service approach. Put your customer at the centre of engagements on every platform. We are a leading South African provider in omnichannel. With illation omnichannel, you’re getting the best that omnichannel has to offer.

Single Customer View

Keep a single line of communication with your customers, even though you use various platforms to communicate. That and more. With a single customer view, you have all your customer data available at a glance, this includes service history, live data and customer details. Everything your agents need is no more than a click away and available on a single screen.

single customer view


Why limit yourself to only be available to customers within business hours? Allow your customers to help themselves at any time of day or night. It’s easy with customer engagement automation. Offer customers valuable resources such as knowledge hubs with FAQs, or automated chatbots. We offer both simple and intelligent automation solutions.

Voice of the Customer

Do you really know what your customers expect from you? With our voice of the customer offering, you can! Automatically store your customer engagement data and analyse it for an in-depth understanding of the main reasons customers reach out. This feedback can then be applied to help you optimise problem areas in your customer engagement journey.

voice of the customer

Learn how to grow your customer confidence

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