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Enhance every point of your communications technology for better performance and results.

ES challenges

Bringing Information Together

In practice, this requires data not only from the traditional call centre platform, but also three crucial systems: Customer Interaction Management, Workforce Engagement and Customer Relationship/Service Management. By tracking KPIs across these different tools, you can gain a far clearer picture of the customer experience – and agent experience – in real time.

Data Ingestions

illation has developed a framework to facilitate various system integrations that will allow for seamless data centralisation to accelerate transformation and analytics.

The data management layer is the data pipeline that ingests data from various systems that drive your business. Data ingestions are made possible by secure connections to APIs, Databases, Mail Servers or File Systems.

The strategy layer consists of carefully designed processes that allow for data transformation, data mapping and machine learning algorithms to provide additional insights on your analytical platform.

Learn how to grow your customer confidence

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Enablement Solutions

Our enablement solutions enhance your environment. Simple improvements can go a long way to the way you communicate in your business.

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In-house development

In-house Development

At illation, we have a dedicated team working to develop new solutions that are laser-focused on what our customers require. We call our development team our ‘innovations department’ because we believe in innovating to unlock new potential in the solutions we offer our customers. Where we are unable to simply enhance existing solutions to gain required functionality, we aim to build new ones from the ground up.

Result-driven Technology

Applying technology, both existing and newly created, to reach business goals and stay on top of everything from customer service to new outbound sales communications is a fundamental part of what we do. If a customer approaches us with a unique requirement, our Enablement Solutions are often the answer to their problem. We use both innovative third-party solutions, as well as our in-house development skills to ensure our customers get the most out of their solutions.

Result-driven tech
connected communications and analytics

Connected Communications and Analytics

Communication should be connected. If your business communications aren’t connected, are they truly helping your business operate more efficiently? We connect all the data you collect, as well as critical analytics, to ensure your environment provides holistic operational efficiency. Securely connect the data you collect regarding your call centre, workforce engagement, customer interactions and service queries so you have a full view of both your customer and employee experience.

Enhance Customer Confidence

Customer demands for better experiences are at an all-time high. At the same time, data indicates that customer satisfaction rates are at an all-time low. Too many customers feel like businesses treat CX like an afterthought, especially in the digital age, where customers want to see more digital interaction. Businesses are competitive in CX deliver on customer demands and reap the benefits. Our Enablement Solutions seek to help your business connect and enhance its environment to gain the competitive edge you need to keep modern customers happier.

Enhance customer confidence

Learn how to grow your customer confidence

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